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Leading manufacturer for constant temperature equipment for laboratories and process. Temperature range: -95 to +400 °C.Stability ±0.002 to 0.5 °. Certificate for CE mark. Meet requirements of DIN 12876, DIN 12880, EN61010 and EN 61326-1..

Product line: Low and ultra-low refrigerated baths and circulators, Baths, Recirculating coolers, Refrigerated incubators, shaking incubators,Ovens, Chambers, Environmental temperature and humidity chambers, Dynamic temperature circulators..

Applications include: Petroleum chemicals, Pharmaceutical engineering, Medical treatment, Life science, Agriculture study, Food and light industrials, Electronic and electric, Metrological laboratories for detection, Calibration, Research and process control

Refrigerated Thermostats

XTEMP - Refrigerated Thermostats

Choose between models with compact immersion circulator and flow-through high pressure magnetic driven circulator

Available with pump pressure of 0.3 bar and 0.8 bar, and cooling capacity of 250 W, 350 W and 450 W

SMT assembled and microprocessor-based precise temperature control with stability up to ± 0.02 °C

Heating water-bath

XTEMP - Heating Water Bath

Precision circulating water baths/General purpose gravity convection water baths

Temperature maintaining, conditioning, testing, monitoring, calibrating and process control.

The most economic precision full-size open baths, available with capacity of 8L, 12L and 24L for varieties of applications. SMT assembled and microprocessor-based precise temperature control with stability up to ± 0.02 °C.


XTEMP - Incubators

Optimized for continuous operation at +37,+4℃ and -5℃, perfect for incubation at +4~+37℃ and low temperature storage at -5℃

Patented stepper valve hot gas by-passing and dynamic temperature and humidity control for stability up to ±0.1℃ and ±2.0 %RH

Silent hot conditioned axial fan and the unique design of air circulation for uniform air movement, improved temperature and humidity distribution, minimizing the effect of localized temperature changes and protecting seedling, seeds, insects and small animal from being blown

Plant Growth Chambers

XTEMP - Plant Growth Chambers

Available with capacity of 275L, 380L, 480L and 800L for plant & Arabidopisis growth, tissue & cell culture, breeding of insects & small animals, microorganisms, seedling and germination

Patented stepper valve hot gas by-passing and dynamic temperature and humidity control for stability up to ±0.2 °C and ±2.0 %RH, for continuous reliable operation

Climate Test Chambers

XTEMP - Climate Test Chambers

IWide temperature and humidity range, 80L, 150L, 250L, 480L and 880 L capacity sizes available and temperature ramping rates to choose from, the maximum temperature rise and fall rate can achieve as fast as  15 ° C / min, the best temperature fluctuation is ± 0.1 ° C, and the humidity fluctuation is ± 3% RH. Meet a wide range of application needs; large-format electrically heated insulating glass front door with wide field of vision, high perspective, no condensation; large-angle automatic positioning, small-angle automatic closing, electronic invisible door lock, door protection and alarm; 7-inch high resolution Touch screen with true color multi-function operation display panel, providing a variety of display modes such as graphics, curves, Chinese and English, easy to operate, clearly display cabinet temperature, humidity, program running data, alarm history and other instrument working status.