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ILUDEST® is specialized in the fascinating area of distillation. Be it for the experimental stage in the laboratory, the pilot stage or on a process scale – ILUDEST® supplies distillation plants tailored to the given application, and for throughput rates ranging from a few ml to 100 l/h.
Customers’ requirements will always be at the forefront of the approach, making ILUDEST and i-Fischer plant a unique high-end product that precisely fulfil the specific demands and translates challenges into solutions

Headquartered in Central Pennsylvania, Performance Distillation Solutions is a worldwide leader in engineering and manufacturing distillation packing material.

In 1948, Michael Cannon of Cannon Instrument Company filed a U.S. patent for a distillation packing material characterized as half-cylinders of rolled, thin metal strips protruded with a dense arrangement of holes bearing jagged ruptures over their convex surface.

The following year, this innovative new packing material was introduced to the world in an article titled, A New Distillation Packing, which was published in Industrial and Engineering Chemistry.

Today, Performance Distillation Solutions stands as a recognized leader with our revolutionary Pro-Pak distillation packing material and continues to develop new products to meet the growing demands for various industry needs and applications.