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With 80 years of company tradition, our extensive know-how and our continuous endeavour for advanced solutions. Lenz Laborglas GmbH & Co. KG is a leading manufacturer of laboratory glass instruments worldwide.

Around the globe Lenz® laboratory glass instruments enjoy a fine reputation in the chemical, pharmaceutical

and petrochemical industry, the food industry, the biotechnology as well as in science and research.

Product quality without compromises, innovative solutionsand perfect service – they are the pillars of our success. We strive to offer our clients and distribution partners these services on a reliable basis and highest standard.

More than 100 qualified specialists continuously work on the development and improvement of the proven quality of Lenz® laboratory glass instruments. We feel obligated to the progress of modern technology and the growing demands of our clients.

Ortoalresa was born in 1949 as centrifuges manufacturer. 70 years later, is a proud for us be a reference in European manufacturers scene, sharing experiences with our customers worldwide. Hard work, talent, commitment and enthusiasm have always been the life force driving Ortoalresa name to be asynonymous of expertise in centrifugation. Our goal is not to be just another option, it is be a Company that stands out from the rest by going beyond the standard, we look for solutions based on innovation and sustainability. This philosophy drives us year after year to being choose by more customers as the best option for vanguard laboratories, avoiding stereotypes and creating own environments based on real requirements.

Ortoalresa establish alliances worldwide being present in all market segments as industry, research, biotechnology and environment labs. The resilience of the company moves it to be pioneers in introduction of the most sophisticated systems in the regular lab centrifuges redesigning the centrifugation concept beyond the separation.

SETonic GmbH is made up of experienced tool maker, experts in glass and material scientists complete our team. We are based in Ilmenau, Germany. Our staff of young ambitous engineers is working hand in hand with the technical university to fulfill highest standards of our products.
Our home shrinked Borosilicat 3.3 glass is the perfect choice for your application. We provide OEM solutions as well as basic syringe lines for commercially liquid pump dilutors like Tecan, TriContinent, Gilson, Cetoni and many more....
As experts in chromatography syringes we are proud to introduce the L-MARK® syringes for CTC PAL2 & 3 autosampler in Europe.

We provide a comprehensive range of high quality CRMs, consumables and supplies for combustion elemental analysers from all manufacturers - produced in a manufacturing facility in Devon UK that holds accreditations to ISO 9001 and ISO 17034.

We can cover all kinds of sample encapsulation (tin and silver capsules), glassware , furnace tubes (empty/prepacked reactor tubes), chemical reagents (oxidation and reduction catalysts), standard reference materials and other parts/consumables for the daily and maintenance operations for combustion elemental analysis CHNSO.

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