Uncompromising Scientific & Technical Services

It’s been a long while since we started this scientific and laboratory business and truly today, we are proud with our team of dedicated staff established to form a strong infrastructure to offer good reliable back up services and application training.

Our expertise is in providing you the configurations for the various analyzer equipment to suit your applications. We are committed to give you continuous running performance with these specialized equipment without compromise.

To give our customers the solutions that is best suited for their usage, application and environment.
Installation & Commissioning
To ensure all equipment will be operationally ready under the customer's requirement.
Preventive Maintenance
To ensure efficient productivity with minimal downtime.
Diagnosis & Repair
To offer valuable advice and ensuring breakdown equipment are repaired on time.

Application & Training

Refresher Training

With each new equipment purchased from us already comes with comprehensive installation and training from our qualified technical support experts. For new staff , we can help to equipped them with same know-how. Experienced users can also join in and we will gladly acquaint them with updated methods, and discuss on existing questions that came up during their course of work to improve their performance on the jobs. It is recommended to have these training periodically.

Application Training

Tailored to specific applications with respect to your industry and samples, we will work with advance users in this coursework for methods optimization which will take place onsite with your equipment or in our laboratory. With new knowledge gained in this specific training, our technical expertise and support will enable users to apply the acquired skills right to the work.