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Ayalytical Instruments is a prominent proprietor of the top global petroleum testing manufacturers, helping our customers to meet the growing demands of the industrial world one test at a time. We supply equipment for the reliable testing of physical properties, compositional and quality of fuels such as; biofuels, biodiesel, lubricants, LPG gases and related substances in refineries, pipelines, and laboratories worldwide. Our petroleum testing equipment adheres to standard industry test methods with numerous options to fulfil your every facility need. We also proudly manufacture our own line of innovative petroleum testing products to take testing where it has never gone before.

Bahnen Petroleum Instrument Co., Ltd, is an establised manufacturer of petroleum analysis instruments. Their products are widely used in the field of petrochemical, defense technology, quality inspection and commodity inspection, traffic and transportation and so on.

From CAD design to production manufacturing, Bahnen cooperates closely with scientific research institutes and industry partners to improve and develop fully automatic instruments for the market, such as automatic distillation, micro saturation vapor pressure, fuel filter blocking tendency, micro freezing point, automatic able closed-cup flash point, just to name a few.

Bahnen Instruments is a high-tech enterprise.

For over a decade, eralytics develops and manufactures analyzers for the quality control in the petroleum and flavor and fragrance industry. They re-imagine trusted technologies to create innovative solutions. In everything they do they reduce complexity to generate intuitive ease-of-use.

Essentially, trusted solutions, re-imagined.

KRÜSS is a company based in Hamburg (Germany) with over 220 years’ experience of Surface Chemistry and the world's leading supplier of measuring instruments for surface and interfacial tension, dedicating knowledge and engineering skills to develop instruments for solving adhesion, cleaning, spraying, printing, coating, wetting, bonding, emulsification and foaming behaviour problems amongst others.

Lumex Instruments have been developing and manufacturing laboratory and industrial analytical equipment and instruments almost 30 years, combining high quality standards with flexible customized approach to find perfect solutions.

In 1996-1997 was the first development and production of mercury analyzer RA-915 and Lumex has since 20% market share of the portable mercury analyzers.

The LSI Medience Group’s has a respected track record in the development, manufacture, and sale of clinical diagnostics reagents and instruments and IATROSCAN is the first Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC)-FID in the TLC world.

Somewhere in the 1970’s, Paul Bruggeman moved from The Netherlands to Lauda in Germany. He started working together with Mr. Walter Herzog to develop laboratory instruments for testing physical properties of petroleum products according to ASTM methods. Instruments for tests such as atmospheric distillation, flash point, cloud & pour point, cold filter plugging point, viscosity, vapor pressure, etc.

In 2002, his new-found company ORBIS BV released the automatic distillation unit PAMSTILL, and many other innovative products in the following years.

At ORBIS, we design and manufacture instruments for physical properties testing. For tests that are typically carried out in the energy industry.

We love to find / design technical innovations to make our instruments more accurate, faster, smaller and easier to use.

PCS Instruments, leaders in tribology test equipment, design and manufacture laboratory instruments for testing fuels and lubricants, having worldwide users performing to ISO, ASTM and CEC test procedures as well as specialised research in the field of tribology. Click PCS Corporate Overview to read more.

TSHR BV is an innovative, young and dynamic company for the development, manufacturing, sales, service and distribution of Combustion Elemental Analysis solution for Total Nitrogen, Total Sulphur and Total Chlorine analyses.