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KRÜSS is a company based in Hamburg (Germany) with over 220 years’ experience of Surface Chemistry and the world's leading supplier of measuring instruments for surface and interfacial tension, dedicating knowledge and engineering skills to develop instruments for solving adhesion, cleaning, spraying, printing, coating, wetting, bonding, emulsification and foaming behaviour problems amongst others.

Drop Shape

Drop shape analysis (DSA) is an image analysis method for determining the contact angle from the shadow image of a sessile drop and the surface tension or interfacial tension from the shadow image of a pendant drop.

Drop Shape analysers in combination with ADVANCE software enable comprehensive wetting and adhesion analysis of all types of surfaces – wafers, polymers, glass, ceramics, wood, paper, or metal. 

Depending on the configuration/model, the software supports every degree of automization up to full software control of surface free energy (SFE) measurement, SFE mapping, or tilting experiments. Using our liquid needle dosing technique, ADVANCE even accesses the SFE within a second. 

Optional accessories for wetting measurements at higher temperatures and manifold upgrade options enhance the spectrum of the instrument.



KRUSS provides a full portfolio in the area of tensiometery, providing specific measuring methods for different measuring ranges and problems , fitted for analysing the static and dynamic behaviour of surfactants, the stability of emulsions and dispersions , to determine the wettability of powder / fibers’ contact angle , or investigating the circumstances which the interfacial tension becomes small enough for a microemulsion, such as in Flooding (for example with tertiary crude oil production)

Foam Analysis

Kruss Foam analysers range enable reproducible means of foam creation and analysis.

Foam in the industry is important – as foamable surfactant solutions are used in large quantities for products in the cosmetics, body-care and foodstuffs industries, in cleaning, for substance separation by means of foam (floatation) and in firefighting.

Just as important is the prevention of foam in processes such as printing, pumping, cooling and lubrication. Defoamers or antifoamers, which destabilize foams or prevent their formation, are used here.

Measuring methods by Kruss foam analysers include:

  • Foamability measurement 
  • Foam stability measurement
  • Foam structure analysis
  • Conductivity measurement (determination of liquid content)
High Temperature, High Pressure

High Temperature, High Pressure

Kruss’s solutions for measuring wettability and foamability at extreme conditions :

  • DSAHP for wetting and interfacial tension under pressure conditions of reservoir stimulation
  • HPFA for foam analysis under oil and gas reservoir conditions

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