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XTEMP - Climate Test Chambers

IWide temperature and humidity range, 80L, 150L, 250L, 480L and 880 L capacity sizes available and temperature ramping rates to choose from, the maximum temperature rise and fall rate can achieve as fast as  15 ° C / min, the best temperature fluctuation is ± 0.1 ° C, and the humidity fluctuation is ± 3% RH. Meet a wide range of application needs; large-format electrically heated insulating glass front door with wide field of vision, high perspective, no condensation; large-angle automatic positioning, small-angle automatic closing, electronic invisible door lock, door protection and alarm; 7-inch high resolution Touch screen with true color multi-function operation display panel, providing a variety of display modes such as graphics, curves, Chinese and English, easy to operate, clearly display cabinet temperature, humidity, program running data, alarm history and other instrument working status.