Force Tensiometer Tensíío

Highly flexible and customizable modular New Generation of Force Tensiometer that  grows with your tasks. Made by users for users.

As fast or as slow as you need it - but always convenient . Movement of stage using pre-programmed standard positions- sample stage of Tensíío moves particularly fast while preventing premature sample contact. Or it moves extremely slow with hardly any vibration if you need it to, for example when analyzing high-viscosity liquids.

Easy measurement preparation: spacious, accessible sample chamber , built-in stirrer and temperature control. Equiped with large, integrated touch display , it simplifies operation and obviates any external control pad, thus sparing lab space. No external thermostat or controller is required with integrated temperature control up to 300 °C.

Use the versatility of 15 methods (and growing). Tensíío comes with 15 different approaches of analyzing surface and interfacial tension, wettability, and many other properties of your liquid samples or your solid bodies, powders, or fibers. Further methods, which can be added anytime later, are being developed as you read this.

Integrate a camera in your own methods. Measure the adhesion between a drop and a solid surface while analyzing the drop optically.

Tensiometry becomes colorful. Sample chamber illumination in the tensiometer signaling whether the measuring result lies within a certain limit using green or red light, and corporated as automated measurement sequence.

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Force Tensiometer Tensíío

Surface Tension Measurement

Surface Tension Measurement

Dynamic contact angle measurement of a solid

Washburn powder contact angle measurement