Extreme Traction Machine - ETM

Ball-on-disc instrument for measuring the frictional properties of lubricated and unlubricated contacts under extreme pressures and a wide range of rolling and sliding conditions.


The unique ball and disc set up enables mixed rolling and sliding conditions to be simulated. All three regimes ( boundary, mixed and EHL ) can be replicated whilst applying extreme load and realistic temperatures and speeds. The frictional properties of lubricants and additives can be analysed under realistic conditions for quick comparison between formulations.


The ETM System comprises a single integrated mechanical and electronic control unit, separate FES, cooler and power supply and a PC with data logging software


The ETM main features :-

  • measurement of the formation and removal of anti-wear tribofilms at high contact pressures
  • studying the influence of a very high shear stresses on lubricant / material chemistry
  • scuffing testing of lubricants, materials and surface finishes
  • characterisation of lubricant properties for traction drive applications
  • exploration of friction modifier behaviour at realistic  contact pressures 
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