Elasto Hydrodynamic Rig - EHD

A fully automated, benchtop instrument, measuring lubricant film thickness down to 1nm in the elastohydrodynamic ( EHD ) lubricating regime


The EHD uses optical interferometry to measure the film forming properties of lubricants under a wide range of conditions, enabling researchers to optimise efficiency and durability.

The contact pressures and shear rates in the contact are similar to those found in many industrial applications. The ability to measure the film thickness in mixed rolling sliding contacts expands the EHD’s research capabilities even further, making it the preferred choice for researchers studying the effect of additives in automotive lubricants, metalworking fluids, emulsions, turbine oils and greases


In addition to film thickness measurements, traction coefficients can be measured at any slide/roll ratio from pure rolling up to 100% sliding.


The EHD main features :-

  • a fully automated, easy to calibrate and intuitive software programs, improves repeatability and reduces training needs
  • precision components enable accurate measurements down to 1 nm
  • has two independently driven motors thats allow any slide/roll ratio to be entered, enabling many applications to be replicated
  • temperature controlled test chamber that further expands testing capabilities
  • small sample volume, saving on cleaning time, sample wastage and running costs
  • compact, ergonomic design minimises the required lab space.
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