Vapour-Liquid- (Liquid) -Equilibrium-Determination Apparatus from vacuum up to overpressure.

Scientists and chemical engineers in industry, research and teaching still measure phase equilibria despite the significant improvement in theoretical evaluations.

For that reason, the FISCHER® phase equilibrium apparatus is part of the standard equipment in chemical engineering laboratories.

The vapour-liquid equilibrium of binary and multi-component mixtures constitute an essential basis for the determination of the theoretical plates necessary for the evaluation of separation processes.

Although VLE-data are known from literature, there is still an increasing tendency towards redetermining equilibrium data by experiments, because the thermodynamic parameters like pressure, temperature and concentrations are different or inadequate.

For designing e.g. extractive distillation processes the evaluation of vapour-liquid-liquid phase equilibria (VLLE-data) are required. The practical measurement and determination of these data proves difficult with the standardised VLE-units because of the phase formation of the liquids.

The VLLE device of LUDEST® / i-Fischer® is designed/produced according to Patent ES 2 187 220 B2 of the University of Alicante.