Pro-Pak® Distillation Packing Material

Pro-Pak is a high efficiency distillation column packing material with unique wetting propertiesIt is engineered and designed to meet a variety of industry needs and a range of applications from laboratory and pilot plant distillation, to those used in smaller manufacturing plants. Some of the industries that Pro-Pak is used in include:

Pro-Pak Sizes

  • 4mm (Column Diameter = 25 mm – 100 mm)
  • 6mm (Column Diameter = 50 mm – 600 mm+)

Pro-Pak® is a proprietary distillation column packing material from CANNON Instrument Company®The standard material of manufacture for Pro-Pak is 316 Stainless Steel, but it can also be formulated in a variety of specialty metals to meet the needs of a number of industries. Some of the most commonly requested specialty metals include:

Pro-Pak® is a high efficiency distillation column packing material that is specially engineered with a unique capillary surface for greater effectiveness and efficiency for mass transfer1. Some of the advantages of using PDS Pro-Pak® include:

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