RA-915M with pyrolyzer PYRO-915+ Complex matrixes

Versatile Zeeman mercury analyzer RA-915M with pyrolyzer PYRO-915+

RA-915M Mercury Analyzer with pyrolyzer PYRO-915+ (with large optical length of analytical cell and heated windows of the analytical cell is developed for unique direct mercury determination (no pretreatment procedures required) in complex organic samples at the level of few µg/kg.

Using of RA-915M spectrometer with background correction and a developed two-chamber catalyst atomizer PYRO-915+ allows direct analysis of complex-matrix samples.

PYRO-915+ atomizer consists of two chambers. The first is for evaporation of liquid and pyrolysis of solid samples. The second chamber is continuously heated about 800°C. There, all mercury compounds are dissociated and smoke and interference compounds are burst.

The power supply unit of the attachment provides stable air flow speed and temperature of chambers and analytical cell.


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Simple Mercury Analysis of Complex Samples: Soil, Oil, Foodstuffs, and More