Mercury Laboratory Analyzer RA915 Lab with autosampler

RA-915 Lab is the new direct fully automated laboratory mercury analyzer with 45 position autosampler. It provides accurate, reliable and cost-effective measurements in the broadest range of applications areas like soil, crude oils, coal, waste water, food and biosamples.

The instrument direct analyzes solid, semisolid, and liquid samples with no pretreatment, reagents and almost no wastes.  It has unique analytical range extended up to 2 000 000 ppb

RA-915 Lab can be supplied without autosampler.

RA915 Lab unit Mercury analysis fully complies with globally applied standards by direct thermal decomposition with Zeeman background correction:

  • ASTM D6722, ASTM D7622
  • US EPA methods 7473, 30B, PS12B
  • EN / TS 17286
  • and others



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RA-915 Lab Direct thermal decomposition laboratory mercury analyzer

Lumex Instruments Video

Simple Mercury Analysis of Complex Samples: Soil, Oil, Foodstuffs, and More