IQT TALM – Totally Automated Laboratory Model

The IQT TALM system builds upon the standard LM system and adds upgrade kits to improve automation, precision, and ease of use. A total of 8 TALM upgrades are available to offer users flexibility in their system design.

A Precision Package can be ordered, which combines the 5 primary TALM kits that contribute to improved precision


  • Sensitive to cetane improver additives and small fuel quality variations
  • Can measure high levels of cetane improver with no negative carry over effects
  • Proven ability to test high paraffinic fuels from synthesis or hydro-treatment
  • Proven test capability for B100 and other biodiesel fuels from many different sources
  • Consistent with fuel specification test methods
  • High productivity, less than 20 minutes testing time
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Safety track record established over many years


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