High AirCool Ventus 174 kW

In many cooling applications, the task simply involves "drawing" heat from the circuit, without the need to achieve a defined temperature level.

The AirCool Ventus range offers a solution to this challenge.
In contrast to recirculating chillers, the AirCool Ventus air-to-water heat exchanger systems have no fully hermetic compressor refrigeration unit but emit heat from the cooling medium (e.g. water) directly into the ambient air via a fan-assisted heat exchanger.

  • Hydraulic circuit open to atmosphere
  • Without active refrigeration
  • Heat discharged into the ambient air
  • Plastic tank with water level indicator
  • Built-in pump (see pump characteristics)
  • Housing powder-coated, colour RAL 9002 (grey white)
  • Due to the process employed, the exit temperature of the cooling medium is always above the ambient temperature
  • Suitable for industrial use
  • Absolutely reliable design
  • Contains all the components required for the fully automatic cooling process
  • Ready to install