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Intermass Fischer-Asia is 25 !

2018 TSHR Individualized Refresher Training
Focusing on technical expertise and competency to raise our level of technical support for our customers without compromise.
2018 TSHR Second Refresher Continuous Training
The 3-day TSHR specific refresher course was conducted for our Malaysia-based Service Engineers at FIM. Maintaining competency and professionalism, always.
First Time Right.
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2019 Intermass Fischer-Asia @ ARABLAB

2019 Aralab Logo.JPG
IFA will be at ARABLAB to reconnect with our business associates. We also will be exploring new innovative exhibits that would be of interest for the market in Asia. See you there!

2019 KRÜSS Product Training at IFA

201901 Kruss product training @ IFA.JPG

Enhancing confidence in the offering of new lines of KRÜSS equipment with relevant technical support reliability by IFA after completing product training led by Mr Gordon Peters (Head of Global Sales) and Mr Youssef Akil (Technical Consultant) from KRÜSS.

2019 Intermass Fischer-Asia : Celebrating 25 Years

20190109 IFA 25th Groupv5.jpg         IFA 25th Cakev2.jpg

For the last 25 years, Intermass Fischer-Asia has kept its professional commitment to serve both customers and associates, with confidence and reliability. Celebrating our 25th year in 2019, we continue to strive with this commitment.
Thanks to all our esteemed customers and associates, who have supported IFA since our inception in 1994.

2018 Presenting IFA Staff 10-Year Distinguish Service Award

20180911 Joe 10yr from EST & TSHR.JPG

Intermass Fischer-Asia Lead Service Engineer, Mr Joe Chua, was jointly presented with the company’s 10-Year Distinguish Service Award by our visiting Principals; Mr Lindsey Pyron (VP of EST Analytical) and Mr Arthur van Strein (GM of TSHR International).

2018 Intermass Fischer-Asia and XuTemp 

XuTemp Logo2.JPG

Announcing the collaboration between INTERMASS FISCHER-ASIA and XUTEMP TEMPTECH CO., LTD. We invite all customers and distributors to view the range of incubators and growth chambers products complemented with our technical support services. <Download a sample brochure >

2018 CHNS/O Determination by Combustion (Dumas Method)

2018 Thermo Sem group photo v2.png
With the great support from the Chemistry Department of the National University of Singapore and Thermo Fisher Scientific, Intermass Fischer-Asia organised the seminar on "CHNS/O Determination by Combustion (Dumas Method)“. This was a learning and sharing session for professionals, research groups and the academics related to the industry . Dr Liliana Krotz, Product Specialist from Thermo Fisher Scientific OEA Analyzers & Inorganic Mass Spectrometry, conducted the presentation.  Special visits to customers in Singapore was scheduled together will Intermass Fischer-Asia to give application updates and obtain feedback. 

Dr Krotz at Intermass Fischer-Asia...... with Chemical Specialities ......the Department of Chemistry at National University of Singapore......and Inspectorate (Singapore) Bureau Veritas
TF visit @ IFA.jpg
TF visit 01.jpg
TF visit 02.jpg
TF Visit 03.jpg

2018 Keeping Pace on Technical Support

Man Svc Eng 3.JPG

The world has Boy-Band to offer entertainment value. Intermass Fischer-Asia has "Man Technical Support" to consistently play a desirable "piece of music" to reach Customers’ expectations and Principals’ standards.

Striving always to do it First Time Right.

2018 IQT Training at AET

AET Training.jpg
Enjoying a light hearted moment before going back to familiarizaton training on the Ignition Quality Tester (IQT) for staff of Heng Yuan Refinery from Malaysia. Intermass Fischer-Asia has worked with Canada-based, Advanced Engine Technology (AET) since 2006 to bring their reliable time-tested IQT into the Asia market.

2018 A Happening at ACHEMA

SEEK FIRST TO UNDERSTAND, THEN TO BE UNDERSTOOD.                             ( The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People ) This was the unspoken mantra on how sustainable business with common agreement can be conducted within HUBER, ILUDEST and INTERMASS FISCHER-ASIA during the collaborative meeting held in between the events at ACHEMA 2018. A new era to engage in offering the best for all our clients.

2018 ACHEMA @ Frankfurt, Germany

Achema pic of 4.png

Our 7-staff team members to ACHEMA 2018 was an exciting time to renew deeper business relationships with our current Principals as well as establishing new ones that we are committed to work with who are some of the best in the scientific instrumentation domain.

2018 Thermo Scientific FlashSmart Installation and Training at Tsinghua University

Thermo Installation Tshinghua Uni.JPG

The newest Thermo Scientific FlashSmart CHNS/O organic elemental analyser with MVC module, acquired by the prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing. Our IFA China technical support specialist is completing the installation and training of the equipment to key staff members of the University.

2018 Visiting TSHR Customers

 Arthur & BC3.jpg

Mr Arthur van Strien (General Manager, TSHR International) and Mr Benjamin Chan (Product Manager, IFA) visiting customers to provide higher level of product consultation and technical support during scheduled on-site visits. This is a firm commitment from both parties to give continuous assurance on the reliability of the product brand for our customers.

2018 A New Era with ERALYTICS

IFA and Eralytics Collaboration.jpg

A new era for cooperation and collaboration between Eralytics and  Intermass Fischer-Asia in the Vapour Pressure, Flash Point and other petroleum testing products. These are all reliable high performance instruments for petroleum testing engineered and manufactured by Eralytics of Vienna, Austria.

2018 Regrouping with our Thailand Partner

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-30 at 12.02.44 PM (1).jpeg

It was a time of camaraderie amidst all matters of business. IFA had a regroup in Bangkok with our esteemed Thailand partner, Finespec, within a casual atmosphere to catch up on our friendship. All the best, Finespec!

2018 TRIBOLOGY - The Science with Immense Applications


Continuing with IFA's focus on building knowledge and expertise, our commercial and technical support team obtained further insight on Tribology, the study of friction, lubricant and wear. Conducted by PCS Instruments, the recognizable company in HFRR and MTM.