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TSHR Total Nitrogen Analyzer TN 7000



The TSHR TN 7000 Total Nitrogen Analyzer is designed to measure nitrogen levels over a wide range of liquid samples quickly and accurately. Detection of total nitrogen is done by Chemiluminescence technique. The TN 7000 is matrix independent and complies fully with DIN, ASTM, IP and CEN standards. The TN7000 analyzer has the option to expand with TS-UV detector to measure total nitrogen and total sulphur simultaneously in samples.

The Advantages

  • Compact and Robust design
  • Accurate, Fast and Reliable TN data
  • Fully Automated Analysis by HR 7000 Liquid Autosampler
  • Ultra Low Detection Limits
  • Enhanced application range for liquids, Gas & LPG


Total Nitrogen analysis is essential for lean, clean and responsible industries. Levels of nitrogen emitted into the atmosphere are stringently controlled by worldwide pollution legislation aimed at reducing global warming. The control and measurement of nitrogen levels in industrial materials and processes is also critical for the repeatability, efficiency and quality of the finished product to be maintained.

The TSHR TN7000 analyzer strictly conforms to ASTM D4629, ASTM D6069, ASTM D7184 and UOP 971.

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