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TSHR Total Nitrogen Analyzer TN 6000



The TN 6000 is able to detect precise and accurate trace level nitrogen concentrations in a wide range of liquids, solids and LPG/Gas sample types. The analyser is designed to run routine total nitrogen analysis down from low ppb to high ppm levels.


  • Robust and modular design
  • Precise, Fast and Reliable TN data
  • Optional HR 7000 Liquid autosampler for high sample throughput· Boat cooling option for challenging sample matrices
  • TN 6000 can be optional extended with TS-UVF module and/or TX module to have a complete versatile combustion elemental analysis solution


For analysis of heavy hydrocarbons and solid samples with TN6000, the TSHR boat introduction module is the key. The automatic boat driven concept controlled by Athena software, provides the optimum solution for many applications.

The TSHR TN6000 analyzer strictly conforms to ASTM D4629, ASTM D5762, ASTM D6069, ASTM D7184 and UOP 971.

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