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KRÜSS High Pressure Foam Analyzer (HPFA)



The High-Pressure Foam Analyzer (HPFA) is the world’s only measuring instrument for simultaneously analyzing the amount and structure of liquid foams under high pressure. The instrument provides various options for investigating foam behavior under the real process conditions of foam-assisted flooding methods in EOR as well as hydraulic fracturing.

Supported by real-time image evaluation software, the instrument determines the foamability and the foam decay.The measuring cell works at pressures up to 350 bar and temperatures up to 120 °C, thus making it possible to observe the foam behavior under reservoir conditions.Foaming can be carried out with air as well as carbon dioxide or nitrogen, which are frequently used for gas flooding.

The Advantages

  • Measurement of foam height and structure with two cameras
  • Simulation of extreme pressure conditions of oil reservoirs 
  • Flexible foaming conditions
  • Additional dosing possible during the experiment
  • Great for specialized tasks and applications such as:
  • Foam-assisted gas flooding
  • Foam as fracking and fracking stimulation liquid


Innovative solution for foam analysis under oil and gas reservoir conditions.

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