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KRÜSS Dynamic Foam Analyzer DFA100

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Foamability – Stability – Drainage : The Dynamic Foam Analyzer helps to provide answers to urgent questions about foam generation and avoidance. With fully automatic and reproducible foam generation and measurement together with a high sample throughput and simple handling, the DFA100 sets new standards for foam analysis.

Watch the video at Edu-Info Video Collection.

The Advantages

  • Contact-free (optical) measurement of foam height
  • Foam generation with controlled gas flow or by stirring           
  • Simple cleaning
  • Quick exchange of different columns and filter plates
  • Sample volume from 20 ml
  • Measurements also possible on very unstable foams
  • Fully automatic measuring procedure
  • Plug and play operation thanks to USB architecture
  • Compact design (base area 25×28 cm)
  • Thermostattable measurements up to 90°C
  • NEW! Completely upgradeable now for Liquid Content Analysis  - which measures the liquid content of foams and its change with respect to time based on the conductivity
  • NEW! Completely upgradeable now for Foam  Structure analysis – which analyses the size distribution of bubbles of liquid foam and the variation of this distribution with respect to time
  • NEW! Ross Miles Foam Analyzer – RMFA  - World's first instrument for automatic measurements of foamability and foam stability in according to ASTM D 1173
  • NEW! Compatible with ADVANCE, a software for the Dynamic Foam Analyzer – DFA100, as an intuitive and powerful tool for controlling foam measurements and analyzing the data. <See Video info on "KRÜSS Dynamic Foam Analyzer DFA100">


The only scientifically-based foam Analysis in the market for foam generation and foam avoidance

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