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i-FISCHER Vapour-Liquid Equilibrium (VLE)

                                              VLE 602
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                                       VLE 602-50
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Scientists and chemical engineers in industry, research and teaching still measure phase-equilibria, despite the improvements in theoretical calculations. For that reason, the FISCHER®-phase equilibrium apparatus is part of the standard equipment in chemical engineering laboratories. 
** Determination from Vacuum (1 mbar up to 50 bar) VLE 602/VLLE 602 and VLE 602/50

The vapour-liquid equilibria of binary and multi-component mixtures constitute an important basis for the determination of the theoretical plates necessary for separation. Although data is known from literature, there is an increasing tendency towards re-determination of equilibria data by experiment because the thermodynamic parameters such as pressure, temperature and concentrations are different or inadequate.

This teaching units will consist of the following:
    • universal glass apparatus, complete with silvered vacuum mantle, cooler, circulation evaporator and vacuum-tight screwing for sample take-off by means of syringe, with works certificate “Operation Pressure”
    • 1 immersion heater 350 W, with special surface finish to avoid bumping
    • 1 magnetic stirrer for intensive mixing
    • 10 final receivers with screw caps
    • 1 filling funnel with PTFE stopcock
    • 2 solenoid coils
    • 1 liquid temperature sensor Pt-100, with connection cable and plug
    • 1 vapour temperature sensor Pt-100, complete with connection cable and plug, optionally calibrated
    • 1 Phase Equilibrium Controller FISCHER MINITRON [VLE] with modern micro-electronics, offers high operating comfort, safety and reliability, with menu guided operation by push-turn-knob
    • Electronic control box with micro processor controller. Connectable to a PC for data input, data display and storage by means of an interface

The Advantages

  • Complete system with options for vacuum and overpressure operations.
  • State of the art Phase Equilibrium Controller that can be coupled to a PC for illustrations.
  • Space conserving equipment. Compact and low footprint makes it ideal to be used in schools as a teaching unit.


Students could be able to comprehend and visualize how mixtures of liquid attain phase Equilibrium under different pressure and proportions. The study of partially immiscible liquids is make possible with the introduction of  Ultrasonic capabilities as an option to reduce the effect of phase formation of the liquids.

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