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i-FISCHER Coal Tar Distillation System

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i-Fischer Engineering GmbH is a joint venture of partnership among Intermass Fischer Asia Pte Ltd./Singapore, Dr. H.-E. Koenen/Germany/Thailand/Singapore and ILUDEST Destillationsanlagen GmbH/ Germany. Coal tar distillation system as offered by i-Fischer Engineering is specially designed to handle coal tar samples with problems of high viscosity and sublimation of product so to find solids all over the unit at cold spots. i-Fischer customized coal tar distillation system is equipped with strong stirrers, additional IR-heater and heating tapes at the lines which helps coal tar sample not to clog in the distillation lines. There are additional features of the coal tar distillation system such as short distillation lines, special cooling arrangements which help to distill such sample without facing any problem.


Customized distillation system for coal tar samples.

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