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HUBER Unistat

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For more than 20 years, the dynamic thermoregulation of the Unistat range introduced a revolution in fluid temperature control. Unistats are the ideal solution for fast and precise thermal control of externally connected applications. In comparison to other circulators, the Unistats offer rapid temperature change and a wide temperature range without fluid change. There are over 60 models to choose from with cooling powers from 0,7 to 130 kW. Temperature range is between -125°C  to  +425°C. Whichever the applications, Unistats provide professional scale-up offering the same stable process conditions from the development lab to production systems.

The Advantages

  • Working temperatures from -125°C to  +425°C
  • Powerful thermodynamics
  • Highly accurate, intelligent temperature control
  • High process stability and reproducibility
  • Fast heating and cooling rates
  • High cooling powers from 0,7 to 130 kW
  • Large temperature range without fluid change
  • Increased thermal fluid life
  • Incredibly compact
  • Brilliant 5,7“ TFT touchscreen with graphic display
  • Comprehensive warning and safety functions


Huber technology for dynamic temperature control in closed system application is second to none. They were the pioneer in this technology with units assembled and in operation as early as 1989, when most other brands were still paying attention to open bath system in their product lines. High precision thermoregulation is Huber core business competency.

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