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Aquamax KF Plus titrators have been specifically designed for the determination of water content. Combining coulometry with the KarlFischer method, Aquamax KF titrators determine the water content of samples by measuring the amount of electrolysis current necessary toproduce the required iodine – this is an absolute technique which doesnot require the calibration of reagents.

The Aquamax KF Plus is a truly versatile model which includes LowDrift Cell twin port glassware as standard. Suitable for a wide range of applications the Aquamax KF Plus can be used to determine water contents of liquids, gases and solids.

Titrator conforms to the following methods :

D 1533 Insulating liquids
D 3401 Halogenated organic solvents
D 4928 Crude oils
D 5460 Rubber compounding materials
D 6304 Petroleum products, lubricating oils and additives
D 6869 PlasticsE 1064 Organic liquids

API MPMS Ch. 10.9 Crude oil

386 Crude petroleum
438 Petroleum products

BS 6829:1.5 Surface active agents

ISO TC 158/SC Natural gas and gas substitutes
10101-1 Natural gas
10101-3 Natural gas
10337 Crude petroleum
12937 Petroleum products

IEC 60814 Insulating liquids

The Advantages

  • Simple operation
  • 10 user programmable methods
  • 1ppm / 100%• Results in ppm, mg/kg, % & μg water
  • Multi language display & print out
  • Small footprint• Integral high speed printer
  • Integrated battery
  • Fully portable
  • Low drift cell design
  • Results Manager software
  • Automatically compensated error (patented technique)


The glassware connections do not require to use grease lubricants. This will ensure easy maintenance and proper handling of the electrode.

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