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ECH SCIENTIFIC Hydrogen Sulphide Analyser

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The analysis is performed fast and with high efficiency. Sample preparation is not required, therefore the reproducibility and the accuracy enhance additionally.

The dosing of the sample can either happen manually using syringe or optionally using an automated autosampler.
For extension of application the H2S-ANALYZER can be upgraded with an additional module available on request: The Head Space Module is suitable for solid and pasty samples.

The H2S-Analyzer fulfils the requirements of the standard DIN 38405 method (D 27)-27:2017-10: Determination of sulphide by gas extraction 

    • Measuring range: 0.01 ... 10,000 ppm
    • Resolution: 0.1 μg abs., output signal linear
    • Typical duration: 1 ... 15 min (dependent on the sample)
    • Sample volume: 0.01 ... 20 mL
    • Oven temperature: Max. 120 °C, optional, individually adjustable
    • Gas flow: Up to 50 L/h
    • Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz, 115

The Advantages

  • Electrochemical sensor for precise, reproducible and  sensitive micro-analysis
  • Complete separation of H2S from the sample
  • Fully automated analytical procedure
  • Analysis of the original sample
  • No sample preparation
  • Definition of own methods for device control
  • Simple calibration
  • Dosing manually or optional fully automatic
  • Minimized cross sensitivity through the indirect method
  • Gas extracting technique for a fast release and separation of H2S from the sample
  • Robust and fast analysis
  • Software: simple, clear, intuitive


ECH Elektrochemie Halle GmbH is a developing and manufacturing company. The company main focus are assembling and marketing the scientific devices for laboratory analysis, factory process control and on-site mobile analysis. In addition, Developing and working out individual analytical methods. For the H2S analysers, ECH caters for all samples type by introducing differences method of introduction High samples throughput, autosamplers option is available. The determination of volatile hydrogen sulphide in solid and high viscous samples is easily feasible by using a manual headspace module coupled to the instrument.

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