We offer technical support on the products which partner with our Principals.  Our expertise is in providing you the configurations for the various analytical instrumentation to suit your applications. We are committed to give you continuous running performance with these specialized equipment without compromise.

Contact us at fischer@intermass.com.sg for the services we provide Or you can make an submit an online request HERE 

Consultation to give our customers the confidence in the equipment and the customization that will be best suited for their usage, application and environment.

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Installation / Commissioning to prepare all new equipment with the essential configuration to be operationally ready under the customer's requirement.

Preventive Maintenance to ensure the equipment has minimal downtime and efficient productivity combined with appropriate equipment economically viable life-cycle management.

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Diagnosis & Repair that offer reliable advice and recommended proposals to ensure breakdown equipment are repaired on time.


to assist effective knowledge acquisition and retention of the equipment by staff who manage them besides acquiring experiential knowledge to operate the equipment optimally.