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TSHR Total Chloride Analyzer TX 7000



The TSHR TX 7000 is able to measure fast and accurate low level chlorine concentrations in a wide range of liquid hydrocarbon samples. The analyser with vertical positioned combustion tube, is the most compact designed to provide users a safe and ease-of-use total chlorine analysis solution for small and high sample throughput labs.

The Advantages

  • Easy to use and minimum maintenance
  • Robust and compact design
  • Accurate, fast and reliable measurements
  • Easy to use coulometric titration cell
  • Automated sampling injection with HR7000 autosampler
  • Enhanced application range for liquids and LPG/Gases


This Total Chlorine Analyser incorporates a dedicated titration cell which is ideally suited for microcoulometric detection of total chlorine. The titration method enables calibration free measurements and detection to maximize productivity.

The TSHR TX7000 analyzer strictly conforms to ASTM D4929, ASTM D5194, ASTM D5808, ASTM D3120, UOP 779.

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