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TSHR Total Chloride Analyzer TX 6000



The TSHR Total Chlorine Analyzer, model TX 6000 , is able to measure fast and precise low level chlorine concentrations in an extensive range of liquid hydrocarbon samples. The modularity of the analyser with large capacity combustion tube, provides users a safe and ease-of-use chlorine analysis solution for small and high sample throughput labs.

The Advantages

  • Easily adaptable to new types of analysis (from chlorine to sulphur MCT)
  • Boat cooling option for challenging sample matrices
  • Ensures complete combustion with minimum maintenance
  • Automated sampling injection with HR 7000 autosampler
  • Enhanced application range for solids, liquids and LPG/Gases


Total Chlorine analysis is essential for minimizing industrial running cost. Organic chlorides are introduced into crude oils to enhance oil recovery process and arise from chlorinated solvents and additives used in crude oil production, transportation and storage. It is of paramount importance that in refinery process to remove this chlorine as it acts as a poison to catalysts used further in the production process and also corrodes pipelines, valves and condensers.

The TSHR TX 6000 analyzer strictly conforms to ASTM D4929, ASTM D5194, ASTM D5808.

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