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TSHR Liquid Autosampler HR 7000



The TSHR Liquid Autosampler, model HR 7000, is designed to introduce fully auto­matic, accurate and reliable your liquid hydrocarbon samples into the TSHR range of Combustion Elemental Analyzers for trace and high level total nitrogen, sulfur and chlorine analysis. The HR 7000 is available in several configurations to meet your laboratory sample types and productivity needs.

The Advantages

  • Fit to low and high sample throughput labs. 
  • Fully controlled operation through Athena software.
  • Intelligent Dilution and calibration facilities.
  • Routine handling of challenging sample matrices.


The HR 7000 is available in 5 different configurations to support small and large laboratories and handle routine and challenging sample types. The capability of having a 15 or 121 positions sample tray with or without heating, vortex or cooled sample tray, enhance the versatility of the total nitrogen, total sulphur and total chlorine analysis.

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