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TSHR Gas and LPG Introduction Module GM 7000



The TSHR Gas and LPG Sampler, model GM 7000, is designed to introduce safe, accurate and reliable Gas and LPG samples into the TSHR Combustion Elemental Analyzers for trace and high level total nitrogen, sulfur and chlorine analysis. The GM 7000 is available in a standard configuration including fast connectors to meet your productivity needs.

The Advantages

  • Standard fast connectors for Gas and LPG cylinders.
  • Compact design with controlled Athena software operation.
  • Safety sensor to ensure safe sample handling.
  • Dual sample loop design for Gas and LPG samples.


The analysis of gases and LPG requires a reliable sampling techniques and the GM 7000 offers easy and flexible measurement of Total Chlorine, Total Sulphur and Total Nitrogen in pressurized samples gases.

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