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THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC FlashSmart Elemental Analyzer



Experience the ultimate in simplicity, precision and cost effectiveness for the quantification of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, and oxygen. Decades of experience combined with our constant innovation in developing organic elemental analyzers (OEA) have contributed to the design of the Thermo Scientific FlashSmart Elemental Analyzer. Providing a fast, reliable, and accurate 24/7 analytical solution to a range of industries, this series of flexible and configurable analyzers uses a globally-recognized technique that is endorsed by official organizations worldwide.

The Advantages

  • Simultaneous flash combustion of CHNS and pyrolysis of oxygen
  • Superior modularity
  • Reduced cost per analysis
  • Automated, flexible, and fast
  • Accurate and reproducible
  • Automatic generation and display of complete report
  • A single CHNS/O, NC, N/Protein analyzer handling all applications


Which organic elemental analyzer fits your application? CHNS/O Analyser Configuration? NC Soil? Nitrogen/Protein Analyser? 

Expand your CHNS/O analysis with over 20 configurations in one system with the Thermo Scientific FlashSmart  Elemental Analyzer (EA), making analysis easier in application fields ranging from agronomy to environmental science to pharmaceuticals - and beyond.  (Click here to our Edu-Info Videos Collection to see more)

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