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KRÜSS Tensiometers (Force)



Force Tensiometer – K100 , K100SF
The premium universal Force Tensiometer – K100 performs high-precision, automatic and reliable measurements of surface tension and interfacial tension, critical micelle concentration CMC and contact angle on solids, fibers and powders.

KRUSS specially developed Micro Dispensers equip the K100 for measuring the critical micelle concentration CMC, enabling the surfactant concentration range to be set up and measured fully automatically.
For high quality assurance and development of fiber coatings, particularly for the embedding of fibers in fiber reinforced materials, K100SF is specially designed for analyzing the wettability of single fibers by measuring the contact angle.

Force Tensiometer – K11
Force Tensiometer – K11 is a stand alone fully automatic instrument for the quick and reliable measurement of surface tension and interfacial tension, equipped with dedicated intuitive touch panel and touch panel software.

With its high-quality components and simple operation, the K11 assists in the quality control and optimization of surfactant solutions and interfacial processes.

Force Tensiometer – K20
Force Tensiometer – K20 is a robust, semi-automatic instrument for the precise measurement of surface tension and interfacial tension. 

Using the ring and plate method methods, it produces reliable measurements for the routine quality assurance of all types of surfactant solutions and interfacial processes.

The density of liquids can also be measured very easily and precisely. The option of long-life battery operation, the integrated memory and the low weight of the instrument also enable K20 to be used flexibly on site.

The Advantages

  • Robust force sensor with highest measuring resolution to ensure reliable, accurate surface and interfacial tension measurements
  • Customized force tensiometer configurations according to various tasks and applications in :
    • Determination of the effectiveness and efficiency of surfactants by CMC measurement
    • Wetting behavior of tablets, pharmaceutical active ingredients and excipients
    • Wetting of varnishes and paints
    • Decomposition product content in oils
    • Tank clearance and cleaning validation in the foodstuffs industry
    • Wetting and adhesion of coatings
    • Development of cosmetic products
    • Wetting properties of inks
    • Wetting of fiber bundles and textiles
    • Sedimentation and ductility of dispersions
    • Checking of surface modifications
  • Controlling the temperature of the samples to enables thermal process conditions to be simulated
  • Compliance to international method: 
  • Testing of transformer oils in accordance with ASTM D 971


Whether it is K20 or K11 or K100, we ensure that your requirements in surfactants analysis, research work and or quality assurance are well covered. 

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