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KRÜSS Tensiometer (Dynamic Surface Tension)

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Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BP50
Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BP50  is a mobile lightweight – just 600 grams of ergonomically shaped instrument and developed specifically for mobile usage with a notebook.

It combines the benefits of compact size with state-of-the-art technical components, including air supply, a pressure sensor and a temperature sensor. BP50 covers a wide range of surface ages between 15 and 16,000 milliseconds.

Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BP100
Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BP100 impresses with its convenient operation – from the rapid capillary change and automatic surface detection to pre-prepared and flexibly adaptable fully automatic measuring programs. 

It incorporates a motorized sample stage, built in measuring chamber with illumination, integrated stirrer and operated with an intuitive control panel. BP100 has also the ability to control temperatures between -10 and 130 °C which enable thermal process conditions to be simulated exactly.

BP100 covers an even wider dynamic surface age range of 5 to 200,000 milliseconds.

The Advantages

  • For testing surfactant content and measuring dynamic surface tension
  • Precise analysis of surfactant solutions for fast processes · Quality assurance for galvanic and cleaning baths
  • Mobile use inside and outside of production facilities (especially for BP50)
  • Disposable capillaries facilitate handling (especially for BP50)
  • Automatic measuring programs and intuitive instrument control
  • Fast preparation and flexible measurement with disposableCapillaries (especially for BP100)


From mobile usage to high quality laboratory needs usage, KRUSS Bubble Pressure tensiometers reliably analyzes themobility of surfactants and thus make it possible to optimize all types of fast interfacial processes, such as spraying, printing, painting and cleaning.

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