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KRÜSS Ross Miles Foam Analyzer



KRUSS Ross Miles Foam Analyzer – RMFA is the world's first instrument for automatic measurements of foamability and foam stability in accordance with ASTM D 1173.

Tasks and applications
  • Foams for washing and cleaning
  • Foams in body care products
  • Surfactant development
  • Flotation as a method for separating solids
  • Foam-inhibiting and foam-reducing agents (Antifoamers / Defoamers)
  • Foam prevention for paints and varnishes, process and waste water and cooling lubricants

The Advantages

  • Automatic foam height measurement in accordance with ASTM D 1173 with a resolution of 0.4 mm
  • Able to use standardized columns 
  • Securely fixed column so that the reservoir solution always enters the presented liquid in the center. 
  • Simple handling with an optional rack beneath the RMFA with a collection vessel into which the liquid can be emptied.
  • Supplied with ADVANCE, the software for the RMFA allowing creation of measuring template with a single click.
  • It ensures quick compilation of multiple measurements in comparison tables and chart.


The only automatic foam analyzer following the standard in accordance with ASTM D 1173 !

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