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KRÜSS Contact Angle (Drop Shape Analyzers) DSA30R - For Interfacial Rheology



Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA30R for interfacial rheological measurements on oscillating drops.

The unit measures the change in surface or interfacial tension (SFT/IFT) during deformation of the phase boundary. In practice, such deformations occur whenever multi-phase substance mixtures containing surfactants, such as foams or emulsions, are manufactured, processed or pumped – with different effects on their stability.

The DSA30R provides scientific parameters for describing dynamic interfacial processes and optimizing stability behavior. The instrument is of interest in areas such as the food or cosmetics industries as well as enhanced oil recovery.

The Advantages

  • Interface elasticity and viscosity based on an oscillating drop
  • The modulus of elasticity E’ and the modulus of viscosity E” are obtained from the evaluation.
  • Fast and simple measurements with high reproducibility
  • Analysis of various two-phase systems in a large frequency range of 0.001 to 20 Hz 
  • Measurement at temperatures ranging from -10 to 70 °C
  • Also available as an accessory for extending the functional scope of existing KRÜSS measuring systems


DSA30R is THE analyser for investigating dynamic interfacial processes for foams and emulsions : 
    • Fast, easy and optimally repeatable measurements with high degree of automation.
    • Investigation of oscillating drops and gas bubbles in a wide frequency and temperature range.

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