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KRÜSS Contact Angle (Drop Shape Analyzers)



Drop Shape Analyzer - DSA100
The universal, highest quality instrument for analysing all types of wetting and coating processes. Configurable from basic unit to fully automatic expert instrument to specialized solutions of measurements at high pressures and measurements of surface rheology.

Drop Shape Analyzer - DSA30
A robust instrument which can be used flexibly with various automation options for contact angle and surface free energy measurement in quality control.

Drop Shape Analyzer - DSA25
The precision basic instrument for wetting investigations. Easy-to-use, reliable instrument for measuring contact angle, optional surface free energy of solids and optional interfacial surface tension of liquids by Pendant Drops analysis. 

Measuring methods and options
  • Contact angle between a liquid and a solid
  • Surface free energy from contact angles of several test liquids using all common models
  • Static contact angle, advancing angle and receding angle
  • Roll-off angle on hydrophobic and superhydrophobic surfaces 
  • Measurement of surface tension and liquid-liquid interfacial tension using the Pendant Drop method
  • Temperature-controlled measurements
  • Measurements at controlled humidity
  • Surface rheological measurements (modulus of elasticity E'; modulus of viscosity E'')
  • Wetting measurements on microscopically small surfaces

The Advantages

  • Customized configurations according to application 
  • Flexible automation options 
  • USB3.0 high-performance video camera - speeds of up to 2000 frames per second are possible
  • Extremely bright, monochromatic LED lighting to optimizes drop shape analysis precision 
  • Access to comprehensive range of accessories for specific applications :
  • special sample holders, for example for cylindrical samples, films, contact lenses or powders
  • NEW! Upgrade or configure with Pressurized double-dosing unit for extremely fast Surface Free Energy determination , the Liquid Needle
  • ADVANCE software platform for scientific precision of data capturing and straight forward usability (ergonometric)


Whether it is DSA25 or DSA30 or DSA100, we offer customized flexible solutions for your wetting and adhesion tasks complete with comprehensive analysis of solids and liquids down to the last detail. (Watch Video on "Wetting and Adhesion Analysis | ADVANCE Software") 

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