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HUBER Baths and Circulators

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The circulators are split into two product lines, the Compatible Control models and the simpler KISS models. Both product lines represent classically constructed laboratory circulators with open baths. Baths and circulators for heating applications up to +300°C are available, as well as models for heating and cooling applications from -90°C to +200°C. Immersion or bridge circulators are suitable for thermal control of existing baths. The Ministat, the smallest cooling and heating circulator in the world, is the first choice for operation in fume-hoods or integrating into systems.

The Advantages

  • Working temperatures from -90 °C to +300 °C
  • Models for internal and external temperature control
  • High heating and cooling powers up to 7 kW
  • Powerful controllable circulation pumps
  • Function expansion with the E-grade system is available at any time
  • High precision cascade temperature control
  • Large and full colour 5,7“ TFT touchscreen
  • Programmer with calendar / clock function
  • Extended range of languages including a selection of European and Asian
  • Comprehensive warning and safety functions


Huber baths and  circulators are very versatile and robust. Typical applications for these compact units are for Temperature control samples, Material testing, Distillation systems, Calibrations and etc. The two controller options of KISS and Pilot ONE ensures that Huber has all options to fit your applications and budget. Huber baths has large cooling power even at low temperature due to small bath reservoirs. This result in large POWER to heat transfer fluid volume ratio.

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