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KRÜSS K100 : Universal analysis of liquid and solid surfaces



The company with the most advanced TN, TS and TX analyzers.

TSHR 6000 Product

TSHR 7000 Product

Wetting and Adhesion Analysis | ADVANCE Software

Comprehensive wetting and adhesion analysis requires not only high-quality contact angle instruments, but also intelligent and flexible software. This is where ADVANCE enters the stage. Its intuitive, workflow-oriented user interface makes it easy to solve even complex tasks. It supports every degree of automization up to full software control of surface free energy (SFE) measurement, SFE mapping, or tilting experiments. Using our liquid needle dosing technique, ADVANCE even accesses the SFE of a surface within a second. With a large variety of fitting methods for shape analysis, all of the important models for calculating SFE and procedures for surface and interfacial tension, ADVANCE matches even the highest scientific standards. Features such as quick re-analysis of multiple results or an automatic video buffer for subsequent analysis make working with ADVANCE a unique user experience. 

KRÜSS Dynamic Foam Analyzer DFA100

Foam in everyday products as well as technical applications appears in manifold forms and is often produced on purpose, but can also be undesired. Our Dynamic Foam Analyzer – DFA100, the most sophisticated measuring instrument of its kind, helps to optimize foam for specific uses or to identify methods to effectively avoid it. The DFA100 characterizes almost every aspect of foam, such as foamability of liquids, the stability of foam, its liquid content, and even the number and real size of its bubbles. Putting this range of methods into practice with impressive ease of use of hardware and software, the DFA100 is a modular instrument with elements that can be flexibly combined. A wide range of accessories, e.g. for different foam production methods, temperature control and easy cleaning, make the DFA100 a unique instrument for analyzing the diverse properties of foam.

KRÜSS Spinning Drop Tensiometer (SDT)

Emulsions are widely used in application fields such as lubrication, cosmetics or enhanced oil recovery. As mixtures of liquids, their tendency to form and stay stable is characterized by the interfacial tension (IFT). Our Spinning Drop Tensiometer – SDT helps to optimize emulsions by precisely measuring very low IFT. In the SDT, a rotating drop in a bulk phase is deformed into a shape governed by the IFT, which is calculated by image analysis. Quick and easy to use with patented sample handling functionality and equipped with flexible heating options as well as a drop-tracking camera, our SDT lifts the spinning drop technique to the next level.

FLASH 2000 CHNS/O Analyzers

The Thermo Scientific™ FLASH 2000 CHNS/O Analyzers delivers the ultimate in simplicity, precision, and cost effectiveness for any laboratory requiring the quantification of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen. The system provides a reliable, high-speed, accurate 24/7 analytical solution to a range of industries. This series of flexible, configurable analyzers also uses a globally recognized technique endorsed by official organizations worldwide.

KRÜSS Fully Automated Large Surface Wetting Analysis | LSA

Fast and contactless measurements of surface free energy (SFE) for big-sized samples: Our Large Surface Analyzer – LSA combines a precise positioning robot with our Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA. The system performs fully automated SFE determinations at freely defined positions on large areas. Due to its easy handling and programming as well as high measuring speed, the LSA is especially suitable for quality control of cleaned, pre-treated or coated samples. 

KRÜSS | Advancing Your Surface Science

Wetting and adhesion of materials is governed by their surface free energy (SFE) and its polar and non-polar (disperse) components. To optimize painting, coating or bonding, the SFE is often increased by pretreatment. For quality control, our unique Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA performs very fast mobile measurements of the SFE using the contact angle method. Revealing also the polar and disperse parts of the SFE, material analyses with the MSA are far superior to the test ink method.

Aquamax KF Plus

How oil sample is taken on an offshore platform in the North Sea, and oil samples being processed by the chemist on board the installation using an Aquamax KF titrator.